70 years together

Published 8:06 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

By By JULIE RUSSELL-The Brewton Standard
A lot can happen in 70 years, but in this day and age, it's hard to believe that celebrating a 70th wedding anniversary would be at the pinnacle of all those years.
This Thursday, Aaron and Laura Paul will celebrate their 70th anniversary. They say a lot has changed over the years, except for their enduring love for one another.
The couple met in Bullock County, where they were both living in the same community. At the time, Aaron was 20 and Laura was 16. When Aaron asked Laura's father for permission to get married, her father said they needed to wait until she learned to cook. When that year was up, Aaron went back to Laura's father, and got the permission he desired.
The couple reared 10 children over a period of many years. In fact, at one point, they had five kids over 20 years old, and five under 10. The Pauls now have 14 grandchildren (with one more soon to come) and 13 great-grandchildren.
The Paul children are enthusiastic when it comes to talking about their parents.
Their daughter, Lois Paul, said her parents instilled many important values in her and her siblings.
Wayne Paul, the ninth child, also talked about the values he learned as a child.
Wayne said his most fond memories of childhood are of family vacations.
Lois and Wayne both explained that the family remains close, and they all try to keep up with what is happening in each other's lives.
Wayne still looks to his parents for guidance, and remembers the example they set while raising his own son.
Aaron says the secret to staying married for so long is to take care of one another while "working hard."
Lois confirmed that her father was always a hard worker.
It seems that the most important ingredient of this long relationship has been teamwork. While Aaron worked hard at L&N Railroad, Laura spent her days looking after the kids.
Laura confided that "it hasn't all been sunshine, there have been stormy days." But the most important thing is that they "stuck it out together," she said.
In June, the most popular month for weddings, Aaron and Laura Paul provide the blueprint for a successful marriage.

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