Photographers seek help locating wooden churches

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

By Staff
To the editor,
We want to solicit the help of your readers in Escambia County. Joe Harrington and I are retired college professors engaged in a project of photographing 19th Century wooden churches of Alabama. Our goal is to preserve pictures of these old Alabama treasures that are fast disappearing from our countryside. They are indeed enduring spiritual legacies of our state. Thus far we have traveled throughout the state and have photographed some 175 churches in about half of Alabama's counties. But we want to find them all. If your readers know of any 100-year-old wooden churches in your county that deserve to be recording may we ask that they send us the name and location of those churches? The final results will be archived in existing college and denomination church libraries. We currently publish a calendar featuring the churches and one day we hope to publish a book depicting our Alabama Church photography.
Please take a minute and notify7 us of any 100-year-old wooden churches in your area. Thank you for your cooperation.
Robert H. Couch
1007 Felton Lane
Auburn, AL 36830
(334) 887-7348