Writer seeks info on Cain family

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

By Staff
From to time I receive letters from people who are looking for someone who has done research on a particular family. Sometimes I am asked about families that I know nothing about. In that case I try to print the letter in the hopes that someone might be out there with some Information.
This is a letter I received by email last week. Maybe you can help Tammy Edmundson in her search.
Tammy Edmundson
The other thing I wanted to mention this week was concerning another "Heritage Book."
Ever since 1999, when Escambia County, Ala., began its work on "The Heritage of Escambia County, Alabama," I have written much about that book and the others that have been and are still being printed for all the counties in Alabama. In fact, if you are interested in one of those, I have copies here at the office at The Brewton Standard.
Anyway, when most of Alabama counties were done, the publisher began working with the Florida counties in the panhandle. I don't know the status of them, except for the one for Santa Rosa County. It has been printed and has really sold well. In fact the committee that worked on the book has recently turned in enough material to have a second volume done.
I got a look at the first volume last week and I wanted to share with you the fact that many of our local families have stories in it. Many of the people living in Escambia County had branches who moved down into the panhandle of Florida and I had the best time looking for connections to Brewton and Escambia County. I even found a lot of references to people who came from my own home county of Dale.
The book that I have been looking at is owned by Buddy Mitchell. He was kind enough to bring it down to me while he was making trips to Brewton from Montgomery while his father was ill. Mr. Fred Mitchell died last week and Buddy has given me permission ot hold onto the book for a while. If you have connections to those who live in Santa Rosa County, Fla., you might want to think about getting a copy of the book. The cost of the book is $60 plus $4.80 tax, the same as the cost of our county book. If you would like a copy, I include the information needed to order.
Heritage Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 67,
Clanton, AL. 35046
Fax number 205-280-1607

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