Good deed does not go unnoticed

Published 9:49 am Wednesday, July 6, 2005

By Staff
An unknown motorist proved that staying alert can save lives by alerting one couple of their house fire early Sunday morning in East Brewton.
Because of the deed of one Good Samaritan, the couple living on Shoffner Street and their house came out of the fire unscathed.
By following the example of this unknown person, we can all help out. Even a simple act, like holding the door for someone or allowing a car to merge can brighten someone's day.
It's also encouraging to remember that, often, good deeds have a rippling effect. Performing a kind act for a stranger can, in turn, influence that stranger to perform a kind deed for someone else.
All it takes to turn someone's day around is alertness and a sense of compassion.

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