Historical Society holds show and tell meeting

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, July 13, 2005

By By Lydia Grimes-The Brewton Standard
Members of the Escambia County Historical Society met June 28, at the Thomas E. McMillan Museum at Jefferson Davis Community College to display their annual "Show and Tell" items of historical significance.
Ann Biggs-Williams brought her Mother's Kodak boxed camera and some photos reprinted from negatives from the 1920s.
Marjorie Haigler brought a post card mailed to her Mother in 1918 that costs 2 cents to mail from New York.
Louise Stone brought parts of a 150 year old odd shaped brick found in an old well in Montgomery
Mary Williams brought a bronze oil lamp with wick trimmer.
Susan Crawford brought a calendar photo plate from Robbins &McGowin from 1909 and an antique oval photo frame of a young lady with a 1916 graduation photo. She bought it in an antique shop in Milton and the lady in the photo tuned out to be a relative.
Ranella Holley brought a stucco piece of brick from the San Carlos Hotel in Pensacola built in 1910.
Alan Robinson brought two pineapple hand grenades from World War II, a Tommy Helmet from British World War II and drove over a 1942 Army Ford jeep.
Smitty Williams brought a 1937 class ring owned by his sister Gertrude Alene Taylor and her 1931 framed diploma from Brewton Grammar School as well as an unidentified group photo.
Paul Merritt brought two hats he bought when he saw the Berlin Wall come down, one from a Russian soldier in Germany and a stacia hat.
Joe Ross brought a tobacco can, a railroad lock, a soot rake, a saw sharpener, a cross cut saw steer , oxen shoes, several axes , logging tongs, his Grandma's soap spoon, a tomahawk, a pickaroon and an oxen yoke that he made himself.

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