Keep canned goods, batteries handy

Published 10:48 am Wednesday, July 13, 2005

By Staff
The Greater Brewton Area was damaged, but not devastated when Hurricane Dennis skirted the area this weekend.
Local EMA director David Jennings hopes area residents learned a valuable lesson from what very well could be a dress rehearsal this hurricane season: Be prepared.
Jennings has been preaching that residents should be prepared to fend for themselves for the first 72 hours after a storm. In Brewton's case, most residents will have electricity when we hit the 72-hour post-storm mark this afternoon.
Already, there's a tropical storm poised to enter the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.
Because we dodged the bullet this time doesn't mean we won't later in the season. Outside sources were quick to the scene in Flomaton and Atmore with MREs, ice and water, but it's early … Very few of FEMA's resources have been committedto recovery efforts from other storm.
Hurricane Dennis showed us that local, state and federal officials learned much from last year's experiences. We hope residents have, too, and will continue to keep themselves prepared for potential problems.
We may need that peanut butter and the flashlights again real soon.