Tree lands on evacuee's home

Published 10:56 am Monday, July 18, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES-Features writer
Residents braced for a Category 4 hurricane Sunday and after all the ruckus, Brewton appeared to receive minimal damage.
While some residents had power and phone available mid-Monday, others were still battling the heat and cleaning the debris strewn about yards and roadways on Tuesday.
Doris Wood of Appleton Road, was one of the unlucky few who suffered a major heartache when she pulled into her driveway following the hurricane's landfall.
When she heard of Dennis' approach she spent Sunday with her daughter and was eager to return home later that day. When she turned into her driveway her eyes rested on a large tree that had uprooted and fallen on her roof – collapsing the awning and causing water damage inside the home.
Walking inside her home, Wood unwelcomed the heat and lack of ice, power and telephone. A large candle was lit inside her kitchen on a small table, and a flashlight pointing upward let out minimal light.
Windows were partially open allowing a slight breeze as Wood carefully maneuvered through her home, displaying the menace Dennis caused to her home.
The tree had fallen directly above her bedroom, partially collapsing the roof. Water spots were already forming, while rags and pots collected the water from above.
Wood spent the night in her home Sunday night and was often visited by her friends the next day. Inside her home she had a guest and a small dog, who excitedly bounced around the room – eager for attention.
Wood, who was clearly shaken, said that when she stepped onto the carpet the water squished between her toes.
She was uncertain as to what she was going to do in the meantime. Needing ice, she was told that some grocery stores wouldn't be supplying the large amounts of ice that were dispersed after Ivan made landfall.
Wood also said that she had received so much damage during Ivan she had to have her roof replaced. Now she will have to do it all over again, she said with downcast eyes.
Moving up the street, good Samaritans were out Monday morning helping others who suffered damage during Hurricane Dennis. Two of those were Wade McCall and Josh Stanley who were trimming a tree that fell at the home of McCall's grandmother, Marie Madden, on Appleton Road.

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