Musical 'Titanic' sets sail next weekend

Published 11:50 am Monday, July 25, 2005

The Greater Escambia Council for the Arts will present "TITANIC: A New Musical" next weekend.
Under the direction of Phil Johnson, director of the local Community Character Project, the play includes 67 named characters in a crew of 81. Fifteen of those roles, including the lead, are filled by Brewton residents.
The trio of ship builder (Steve Billy), owner (Karl Robinson) and captain (Jerry Gehman), each reveal tragic flaws that contribute to the ship's destruction – greed, compromise and compliance.
A trio of common seamen – a stoker, a lookout and a radioman (Kiley Godwin, Jerry Janes, and Nathan Lindsey) – each having first-hand knowledge of the three natural forces that were instrumental in destroying the ship: speed, visibility and ice, add another layer to Titannic's story.
And later, three emigrants in steerage: three Irish girls, all named Kate (Ellen Johnson, Caitlyn Luttrell and Kate Sherrill), who are bound for a new life in the new world, where very few from this class would ever set foot.
Almost every American multimillionaire, accompanied by his wife or mistress were first class passengers – Astor (Mike McMorris and Megan Martin), Guggenheim (Bruce Long and Lucretia Lamb), Thayer (Robert Johnson and Alison Robinson), George Widener (Don Carter and Mary Beachy).
These characters are surrounded by the officers and crew, played by: John M. Walker, Joseph Billy, James Scott, Stephen Billy, Phil Johnson, Timothy Huber, Tom McGinty, Wanetta McGingy, Brandon Patterson, Laura Davis, Pam Dees, Jon M. Walker, Nathan Lindsey, Sharon Poulsen, Joseph Watson, Haley Pearson, Jeffery Huber, Don Carter, Ray Patterson, Meg Sherrill, Emily Moore, Jenny Davis, Karissa Lee, Heather Lee, Kendra Beachy, Tyler Parker, Ellis Beachy, Tristan Gehman, Marnin Gehman, Zack Lamb, Miranda Scott, James Scott, Jeffery Huber, Kiley Godwin, Jerry Janes, Gilda Stubben, Sandra Johnson, Jerry Stahly, Don Carter, Burt Rice, Nathan Lindsey, John M. Walker, Timothy Huber, Laura Davis, Haley Pearson, Jennifer Couch, Mary Beachy, Wanetta McGinty, Jenny Davis, Pam Dees, Judy Huber, Jan Rice, Lori Nesmith, Susan Currie, Amy Branch, Molly Barnett, Dan Johnson, Frisco Gehman, Faith Gehman, Sarah Slay, Allison Cruit, Jo Downing, Judy Stahly, Sharon Smith, Susan Giles, Chrissy Gregory, and Elizabeth Davis.

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