Foster families fill special roles

Published 12:32 pm Wednesday, July 27, 2005

By Staff
It is potentially one of the most difficult jobs a person could do, yet a vitally important one: foster parenting.
Department of Human Resources director Lynn Barnes said there are currently 18 foster homes in the Brewton area, and there is a need for many more.
Contrary to popular belief, a person doesn't have to be rich, married, or have a perfect life to care for foster children.
They do have to be stable, have an abilty to manage money, be patient and flexible, and be willing to put time and energy into helping children. About half of all foster parents become adoptive parents.
Because foster parenting is used as a last resort, none of the children arrive from the best of conditions; in many cases, they have to learn appropriate behaviors.
Both children younger than 18 and the elderly who can't live independently are candidates for foster care.
We salute those special people who are making adifference in the lives of these children, and encourage those who think they might be interested to learn more about th program by contacting DHR at 809-2000.
Somewhere, a child may wait for your care.

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