Springhill standing up for community

Published 12:49 pm Saturday, July 30, 2005

By Staff
That's what it takes to stand up and say, 'This is our neighborhood and we're taking it back."
Springhill area residents are demonstrating that they indeed, do have gumption.
Citizens have organinzed and begun meeting regularly. They've taken their gumption to the courthouse and asked for help.
And they've refused to let a community they hold dear be taken over by those who would let the neighborhood be ruled by crime.
Watts shared a story about taking a walk in her neighborhood.
Can you imagine how it must feel to have y our friends tell you it's not safe to walk in your own neighborhood?
Two other ladies shared stories of having their homes broken in to.
Traditionally an African-American community, many residents said so many white people come into their commmunity to purchase drugs that vistors have asked them if they live in a white neighborhod.
Others at the meeting, who said they have white friends who visit them, worried that stepping up patrols would lead to racial profiling of white citizens and deter their friends from visiting.
So far, the community's plea for help has netted stepped-up patrols from the sheriff's department, a promise of cooperation in the East Brewton police jurisdiction from the East Brewton police department, and a promise of video cameras with which residents can do a little surveillance work of their own.
To physically clean up the community, they've also been promised new road signs and cooperation for community clean-up days.
Endurance and gumption.
Some residents of Springhill have already proven they have both.
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