Starting school gives some students jitters

Published 12:41 pm Saturday, July 30, 2005

By By JULIE RUSSELL-The Brewton Standard
Do you remember sweaty palms and tears on the first day of kindergarten? If not, that's probably because your parents experienced those symptoms instead of you.
Marriott tries to ease parents' worries by talking about the wonderful teachers.
Still, the first day of school can be nerve-wracking for students of all grade levels. Marriott explained that kindergarteners "have mixed emotions" on the first day.
John Knott, principal at W.S. Neal Elementary School shared the same sentiments as Marriott.
Marriott said that the children who are quicker to adjust are the ones who have attended daycare.
Madelyn Cave, a new teacher at Brewton Middle School, will take her son to his first day of kindergarten in a couple of weeks.
Reading is a big focus of most kindergarten classes. Both East Brewton and Brewton schools have a theme to promote reading. Brewton's theme is "Rock, Roll and Read". East Brewton's theme is "Wild About Reading".
Both schools will both have an orientation day on August 8 for kindergarteners, during which the parents and students can meet teachers and classmates and learn what will be expected of them throughout the school year.
After the orientation, the kids will be released.
Also on this day, parents will be able to tell personnel about their child's medical concerns, as well as sign up for a bus route.
Gail Peace, kindergarten teacher at East Brewton Middle School said that kids are usually excited to ride the bus.
Along with riding the bus, kindergarteners will be experiencing many firsts in mid-August.
The first full day of school for Brewton Middle School is August 9 and East Brewton schools start school August 12.

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