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Published 1:07 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2005

By Staff
This is a copy of the Probate Court Docket, Book A, Escambia County, Ala., 1880-1915. It is listed online at the Tracking Your Roots which I told you about last week. It was typed and contributed to the site by Lygia Dawkins Cutts from information she found at the JDCC Library. This information is now located in the Thomas E. McMillan Museum at JDCC.
This is an index only. There are a variety of instruments that are mentioned in the Docket. The instruments themselves are not recorded. Examples are: wills, guardianships, and administrations. This may prove a small treasure to some Escambia County, AL researchers. It lists the name and page number where the information can be found.
ADKISSON, Louisa, 59
ANDERSON, Kenneth, 142
ARD, J.A., 131
ARD, Teddie C., 131
BAILEY, Walter C., 88
BIZZELL, Mark H., 180
BIZZELL, Sam, 143-146
BLAIR, F.M., 58
BLAIR, Oscar, 150
BLOXHAM, Squire, 135
BOONE, Alex, 178
BOONE, ALex, 185
BOONE, Manerva, 185
BOONE, Mary, 178
BRANCH, Monroe, 179
BREWER, E.L. vs T.R. Miller, 185
BROOKS, Asbt.(?) S., 170
BROOKS, C.C., 106
BROOKS, Ella E., 188
BROOKS, Leon G., 142
BROOKS, Leon G., 188
BROWN, Annie L., 93
BROWN, William Wilson, 36
BRYAR, W.J., 187
BURNS, Gussie, 109
BYRD, Kizzie, 171
BYRD, Mack, 171
CAPPS, M.L. Hardy, 167
CARNEY, Adeline, 170
CARNEY, W.M., 133
CARNEY, W.M., 136
CARTER, J.V., 79
CHAVERS, Jasper, 161
CROOK, Charles S., 32
CRUIT, R.F., Sr., 173
DAVISON, J.I., 101
DEAN, George, 106
DEES, Ruth, 162
DENNIES(?), James Abner, 68
DIXON, J.C., 45
DIXON, N.B., 44
DIXON, W.L., 44
DIXON, Will estate of, 50-71
DOUGLAS, Claude, 172
DOUGLAS, Minnie A., 70
DOUGLAS, W.A., 172
EATON, Walter S. 128
ECCLES, Martha, 119
ECCLES, William H., 121
ELLIOTT, Dallas, 182
ELLIOTT, Sidney, 173
EPHERSON, Cara(?) 85
EUBANKS, Thomas, 187
FINLAY, H.D. 148, 169
FINLAY, W.A., Sr., 148
FOSHEE, Ella, 114
FOSHEE, Mason, 114
FOSHEE, Samuel S., 63, 83
FOSHEE, William E., 65-66
FOSTER, Frank, 157
FOSTER, Henry, 49
FRANKLIN, Eliza, 107
FRANKLIN, J. Martin, 92
FRANKLIN, Joel M., 94
FULLER, Mollie P. 149
GANTT, D.A. 112
GILLIA, Ireau(?) 167
GILLIA, Ross, 167
GORDON, Lucy E. &Harvey S. 126
GRACE, Duke, 135
GRAHAM, E. Lizzie R., 134
GRAHAM, William H., 98
GRAY, Josephine 31
GREEN, C.D.R.L. 38
GREER, Sarah J., 90
GWEIRS(?), Jno H., 69
I will continue with this next week. I, like Lygia Cutts, believe that there may be some information contained in these records that could prove to be very useful.

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