Ozanam provides residents affordable medication

Published 1:11 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2005

By By JULIE RUSSELL – The Brewton Standard
In one week, the Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy will celebrate four years of helping Escambia County by filling prescriptions for those who cannot afford some of the high prices of medicine.
The Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy is now serving three counties in Alabama – Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia. In Escambia County, the organization found many supporters – the McMillan Trust, the Neal Trust, Escambia County Healthcare Authority, Escambia County Medical Society, Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County, Area Agency on Aging, Escambia County Commission, South Alabama Regional Planning Commission and the Escambia County Health Department.
Harrell is also excited about the accomplishments of Ozanam.
Dr. J. Daniel Raulerson, along with about 20 other doctors in the county, gather their excess drug samples.
The medicine is then transported back to Brewton by a courier that is supplied by the Escambia County Commission.
There are currently 425 people on the program in Escambia County, and there are 125 slots open.
Harrell suggested that those interested in receiving monetary help with their prescription should contact the Health Department in Brewton or Atmore to set up an appointment to have a screening.
There is no age limit for applicants, though Harrell explained that mostly senior citizens benefit from the service. The screening looks at the applicant's financial situation and the prescriptions that are needed. There is some medicine that is not available through Ozanam.
The Escambia County branch of Ozanam will celebrate its fourth anniversary with a meeting at the D.W. McMillan Hospital Education Conference Room.
During Ozanam's life in Escambia County, more than 1,000 clients have been helped with more than $1 million, and they look forward to a bright future.

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