Sweet ideas for fig season

Published 1:08 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2005

By By Carolyn Bivins – Cooperative Extension Service
Based on the many phone calls I've received lately, it's prime time for picking figs. With all the abundance of fresh fruits, figs are often overlooked. But once you've tasted their distinctive sweetness in recipes, you'll find that the flavor is unforgettable.
Homemade fig preserves is a family favorite, made with whole figs simmered in syrup until plump and tender. Enjoy them on a hot buttered biscuit or toast, as a condiment year-round and also use them in a moist, spicy fig cake. Yum Yum!
Figs also add variety to the relish tray when served as pickled figs. Since the stems are left intact, they're a perfect finger food.
For dessert, bake fresh figs in a crusty cobbler, or spoon a generous serving of warm fig sauce over ice cream or pound cake.
Fresh figs are available now through early fall, ranging in color from greenish-yellow to purplish-brown, depending on variety; but get them quickly because they're going fast. When buying, select fruit that is soft to the touch and has a bright color characteristic of the particular variety. Be sure to check the aroma of the figs for any sign of sourness. Since figs spoil quickly after picking, store immediately in the refrigerator. Be sure to call 251-867-7760 or come by our office for your free copy of the FIGS pamphlet. It has a variety of fig recipes listed inside.
Here are some of the most favorite requested recipes for this time of year. For best results, PLEASE

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