Freshmen get preview of TRM

Published 1:34 pm Monday, August 8, 2005

By By JULIE RUSSELL – The Brewton Standard
They say the four years of high school are the best years of life. Maybe it's because high school students have the chance to earn more independence from their parents, learn to drive, make new friends and form ideas about their future – all in a fairly laid back environment.
Whatever the reason, the freshmen at T.R. Miller High School were looking forward to the start of a new year in a new school at their orientation on Friday.
During the orientation, freshmen picked up their schedules and were introduced to their teachers, they were told about extracurricular activities and they became better acquainted with the school by studying maps of its floor plan and taking a walking tour of all the classrooms.
Assistant Principal Mary Bell said that the orientation is beneficial for the students because it helps them prepare for a new environment.
This is the sixth year that T.R. Miller has had its freshmen orientation while partnering with a national program that provides motivational speakers. The program is called "Making High School Count" and the speaker was Trey Godfrey.
Freeman enjoyed the orientation, and she said that she was especially inspired by Godfrey's 45-minute presentation.
Mikey Roy was also encouraged by Godfrey.
Todd Robinson said the orientation helped him learn that good grades often come with staying focused.
Principal Donnie Rotch enforced this idea when he told the freshmen and their parents, "Our job here is to make sure you are able to reach your full potential."
Many parents attended the orientation with their children. Tammy Robinson, who has been to two other freshmen orientations with her two older children, helped her son and his friends find their way around the school.
There will be about 112 freshmen entering T.R. Miller High School Monday morning, all anticipating the lessons and adventures that will fill their next four years.

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