Brewton classes back in session

Published 1:58 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kids in the Brewton City Schools are asking mom for five more minutes.
Kindergartners all the way to seniors arrived for the first day of school Monday. Escambia County students return to class this Friday, August 13.
T.R. Miller Principal Donnie Rotch shared the same "everything's great" sentiments Monday afternoon. He was busy bustling around the cafeteria during the first lunch wave. Students could be seen eating Church's grilled chicken or food from Arby's.
New food and beverage guidelines were introduced and approved this year by the Alabama Board of Education. In an effort to promote healthier eating choices and to deter childhood obesity, the guidelines prohibit certain foods and limit the amount of carbonated drinks in the schools.
Rotch said that at T.R. Miller, 50 percent of the drink machines must contain non-carbonated drinks. On Tuesday's lunch menu, students will have an option to choose a boxed lunch from Food Fair, which will contain two vegetables, meat and bread, or a sandwich from Subway. Wednesday's lunch menu will feature food from Pearl's and boxed lunches from the Dogwood Hills cafeteria, while Thursday's menu will mimic Tuesday's menu. However, Rotch said the cafeteria menu will still include pizza on Fridays.
Rotch added that the cost of the cafeteria food has increased a bit and has taken quite a chunk out of his budget to provide the healthy options at school. At Brewton Elementary School, kindergarten teacher Heather Peace briefly told parents that as a result of the new healthy options menu from the state BOE, snack prices have risen from $3 to $4. But it seems a small price to pay to keep the epidemic of childhood obesity from growing.
However, despite the changes, it appears that parents are still eager to place their children in Brewton's City Schools.
George D. Green and his wife, Wanda, who are out-of-district, stood inside Mrs. Peace's room and listened to her explain how much kindergarten has changed and what they, as parents, should expect.
Journals will be kept every day, starting with the first entry Tuesday, Peace said.
Mr. Green said that they had looked into putting their son Wesley into a private school, but saw that placing him in the Brewton City School system was the best option.
The Greens, who live in Deer Range, near Repton, said they are avid T.R. Miller football fans and have "religiously" attended the games.
While the first day of school appeared to run smoothly, many parents may expect to see a little bit of hesitation, maybe even a few tears from children as parents begin to leave their sides.
In the first grade hall, parents walked through double doors carrying plastic and paper sacks full of school supplies, including notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons and much more.
Markeisha Curry, a first grader, said that she is looking forward to "reading books and painting."
First grade teachers could be seen spotted easily for they were wearing theme outfits, which included cropped jeans, white shirts adorned with letters and ponytails. They were matching the first grade 50s theme for the year, which is "Rock, roll and read."
From kindergartners to seniors in high school, the first day of school is full of the same anticipations and followed by similar remarks by teachers and principals alike:

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