Plane wrecks

Published 1:56 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES-Features writer
An airplane accident at Brewton Airport caused quite a bit of excitement yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 9.
Brewton Fire Department and Brewton Police responded to a call from the airport of an airplane that had run off the end of the runway. Upon arrival it was determined that the accident was minor and the only injury was not serious.
Lt. "Scoop" Delgado, the pilot of the small single engine plane, had accidently run off the runway and the nose of the plane tipped over. He had a minor injury to his hand and the plane was quickly towed back to the hangar. Delgado was understandably a little shook up but "it could have been a lot worse."
According to one source, Delgado is a veteran of World War II and had only flown the plane twice before the accident occured. Although the propeller was cracked and the nose had some damage, it would appear that the most serious damage was to the wing which had a small buckle across the main strut.

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