Sports transportation budgets also feeling pinch at the pump

Published 2:32 pm Monday, August 15, 2005

By By BRUCE HIXON-Sports Editor
As the price of fuel continues to skyrocket on what seems to be a daily basis, it is starting to force people to make financial cuts in other areas to pay for the increase in transportation.
Schools and their respective transportation budgets are also feeling the pinch at the pump, but do not look for the high price of fuel to affect the distance of extra curricular activities.
At least, not yet.
Escambia County Schools superintendent Buck Powell said while he would like to see school athletic teams keep their activities close, he added that is not always possible.
While it is not an official restriction, Smith does prefer Brewton athletic teams to play within 50 miles of home during the week.
Smith indicated athletic transportation costs are actually a drop in the bucket over the course of a school year.
Powell said the biggest transportation cost is the daily route.
Smith said the cost of transportation with all expenses included right now is about $3.20 per mile.
This fall the two longest road trips for T.R. Miller football are to Dale County and Headland, both about 110 miles one way.
Powell said Flomaton's football program has to deal with a possible unanticipated transportation expense this fall.
While Smith said Brewton City School athletic teams will probably not be affected in their transportation to games, he added there could be a financial impact in other ways.
Smith added distance for out of town games can have other financial impacts besides those caused by fuel.
All Brewton City School buses and all but a couple Escambia County buses run on diesel, which these days is even more expensive than regular unleaded gasoline.

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