Letter to the Editor

Published 3:02 pm Friday, August 19, 2005

By Staff
Don't put school at Dogwood Hills
Earlier this month it was reported that the Brewton City School Board has the money in the budget to build a new middle school. Perhaps a new school is needed, however, there are a number of things that should be considered and some questions that should be answered.
First, why has the school board selected only Dogwood Hills Golf Course as their site, as was reported at a City Council meeting several months ago? Why destroy a city recreation area that caters to all citizens of Brewton and is the only recreation facility that is open year round and is bringing in money, unlike other recreation areas such as the ball fields that are used only seasonally and have no income.
Dogwood Hills Golf is visible from the highway coming into Brewton. This attracts many out of state people stopping to play golf and stay in Brewton – many of them coming back through each year. The course is an enticement for many senior citizens and young people to locate in Brewton. The course is affordable, well kept and challenging. It is a great asset to Brewton.
Not only is this the only recreation area provided for senior citizens, there are a number of golfers young and old that cannot afford nor want to be in the country club, or go out of town to play.
At the earlier City Council meeting, much objection was expressed about the plan to build the school on the golf course. The mayor stated that there were a number of reasons that would be deal breakers in the use of the golf course land. At this same meeting, the council voted to spend $10,000 on a study of the land and the feasibility of changing the existing course, building new fairways, tees and greens
There are other areas of land available, some of which is already owned by the school board. Why should the city give or sell any land to the school board? What is wrong with the current location of the middle school? Why not build on the present school playground area than tear down the present building? Are we going to have another vacant building in Brewton?
Lee Bain

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