Law officials continue to investigate death

Published 4:23 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2005

By By MARY-ALLISON LANCASTER – Managing editor
East Brewton law officials are still investigating the death of Thomas "Jeff" Grantham, 52, who was found dead about 10 feet behind a trailer lot. Authorities have not ruled out foul play.
According to East Brewton Police Chief B.C. Cooper, initial autopsy reports indicated that Grantham did not receive blunt trauma. He is still waiting to hear back on the final autopsy results, which will internally investigate Grantham's body. Currently, Cooper said they are looking at the area in which Grantham died. He said that there are items that surrounded the scene that "don't fall into place." They are looking at the placement of the items in relation to the position of the body. The items could not be mentioned due to the ongoing investigation.
In police reports and in a letter written to Cooper by Grantham's sister, it indicated that Grantham had approximately $600 on him. Cooper said that he believes that Grantham was holding a disability check in his possession. However, only $4 or $5 was found on him.
Cooper said that Grantham had not paid his bills and so far does not know if the check had been cashed, and the events surrounding his death just do not add up.
Cooper said there appeared to be no indications that family members were not getting along. He could not comment on whether they had any suspects they were investigating.
"We just want to be cautious and make sure that we don't have a killer on the loose," Cooper said.

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