Our View – Reach out to storm victims

Published 4:34 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2005

By Staff
It hardly seems possible that we could be 17 days away from the anniversary of Hurricane Ivan's march through Escambia County. The memories are so vivid, the effects still so visible, that it's difficult to believe almost a year has passed.
Think back to those days and remember. Did someone bring you a hot meal, a tarp, bottled water, or ice?
This week, our neighbors to the west and to the south are experiencing our Ivan memories, only their problems are worse. Early estimates are that Hurricane Katrina, who left 11 dead in south Florida, caused more than 100 deaths on the Gulf Coast. In the immediate aftermath, about a million homes without power.
FEMA, Red Cross, and other relief organizations are hard at work, delivering the kindesses and help we were blessed to receive last year. Consider making a contribution to help others recover this year.
Locally, Cannon's Carpets is collecting funds for the the Salvation Army's relief effort, and the local chapter of the American Red Cross is accepting donations for the national response.
The organizations also accept contributions on line.
Return the kindness and help someone who is hurting in some way.

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