Help sought in identifying old photographs

Published 5:05 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2005

By Staff
Some time ago, Hal Whitman, came by the office and showed me some things that had been found in his grandmother's home after her death. Among the things he found were a couple of photograph albums containing some excellent photos. The problem is that Hal has no idea who the people are in the albums. He came by to see if there was any way to let people know of the photos and see if they can be identified. The photos are in very good shape as they have been kept in the albums. He believes the people may be from the Mayo family but he is not sure. It is possible that they are from an entirely different family. I want to include some of the photos and let you readers see if you have any ideas as to the identity of the people. There are a lot of adults, groups and baby photos. You can tell that they were made many years ago by their clothing. Hal, and I, are asking for your help. If you see anyone you know in these photos, please contact me here at The Brewton Standard, 867-4876.

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