Local Red Cross processing aid for victims

Published 6:10 pm Monday, September 19, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
Volunteers have been called in from out of the state to help the local chapter of the American Red Cross process the huge numbers of hurricane victims who have descended on the office on Douglas Avenue.
Two of the volunteers, Linda Siegel and Kathy Pierce of Ohio, are helping register many victims from Mississippi and even some from Louisiana who are seeking financial assistance after losing much of what they had before the storm. Rogene Martin, director of the East Escambia County Red Cross, was glad to see the volunteers as the local office was overwhelmed by the number of people showing up at the door.
People were lined up the hot sun and many were sitting on folding chairs in front of the doors. Those who were lucky were able to move up a few at the time to chairs that were placed inside where it was a bit cooler. As of lunchtime on Thursday, the workers had already registered all of those they would be able to see for the day. They began to register those who would be seen on Friday.

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