Looking Back… 50 years

Published 6:16 pm Monday, September 19, 2005

By Staff
September 22, 1955
In an involved deal, District One has purchsed $36,743.90 of road building machinery, either in July or in September.
At a Board of Revenue meeting Monday, Clerk of the Board Wayland Mills said a state examiner told him that the county can now make temporary loans of up to 15 percent of anticipated revenues to help out the General Fund.
Bids on $100,000 in warrants have been asked from county banks by the Board of Revenue. The money will be used to build a new jail.
Anoter big meeting faces the Board of Revenue when it goes into an adjourned session Monday morning. It will have to try to adopt a county budget for the coming year, receive bids on a $100,000 jail loan and approve some road projects.

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