Murder suspect charged with more crimes

Published 6:12 pm Monday, September 19, 2005

By by Kim Henderson – For the Standard
Ian Thomasson of River Falls was arrested last week and charged with murder in Escambia County. Following an extensive investigation by the Escambia County Sheriff's Department and assistance last week by Covington County law enforcement agents, Thomasson was taken into custody for the murder of George Eugene Dubose.
In addition to the murder charge against Thomasson, Holland placed charges against the Covington County resident and the Andalusia Police Department also has charges against him.
Thomasson, 24, has been charged for the local crimes of burglary I, theft of property and possession of a forged instrument in the second degree. He is being held in the Covington County Jail on a total bond amount of $100,000, and jailers said that as of Monday evening, they still have a hold on him for Escambia County.
Alleged criminal activity in the Andalusia area connected Thomasson and his girlfriend to the Escambia County murder.
The check Thomasson and his girlfriend allegedly passed at a grocery store in Andalusia reportedly belonged to George Eugene Dubose's ex-wife. Thomasson's girlfriend, Tanya Michelle Newton Alexander, is also being held in the Covington County Jail on theft and burglary charges. Jailers said that her bond amounts also total $100,000.
Escambia County officials have not confirmed whether Alexander is wanted in connection to the Dubose murder or not. She is, however, being held in Covington County for transport to Escambia County, local jailers verified.
Alexander, 26, did not make a confession to Garrett in reference to the stolen check, he noted.
However, "The people at the store recognized her," Garrett said.
According to Holland, Alexander is a registered sex offender in this state and may face additional charges like violating probation due to alleged measures she may have taken that went against the conditions set forth by a judge.
Holland said that the burglaries Thomasson and Alexander have been charged in connection with occurred on Aug.31 and Sept. 4.
According to Holland, guns and other items including valuables like savings bonds were stolen during the commission of the burglaries.
Essentially, the only stolen item recovered from the suspects was a can of Off brand bug spray, Holland said. According to Holland, Thomasson and Alexander didn't have a permanent residence at the time they were apprehended by law enforcement.
The River Falls police chief said that they had allegedly been living in a small Toyota when they were arrested late last week. Holland said that he is fairly certain the suspects are wanted in connection to crimes elsewhere.
As far as the specifics of the murder charge against Thomasson, local authorities are remaining tight lipped and leaving the details to Escambia County. "I don't know, honestly about their case down there (in Escambia County)," Garrett said.
According to Holland, his reaction was one of shock when he found out that Thomasson had been charged with murder.
charge)," Holland said.
According to a press release issued by Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith, his department is currently in a "critical stage" and further statements "might hinder the investigation."

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