Dog climbs ladders, 'helps' with roofing

Published 6:54 pm Monday, September 26, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMEs – Features writer
Pet tricks are nothing new. They even show up every now and then on the David Letterman television show. Some tricks are better than others and some are downright peculiar.
Anyone driving along Poplar Avenue in Brewton this past week could have seen one of the most peculiar pet tricks, even though it's a normal day for a dog named D.
D is an Australian Blue Heeler, which is a cross between a Shepherd and a Dingo, according to D's owner, Joseph Davis. In normal circumstances D would have been living the life of a cattle dog, but she just happens to have a different type of life.
She is one of the helpers with the James Casey Roofing Company, which is busy putting a new roof on a home on Poplar Avenue. Well, to tell the complete truth, the dog is not really helping, but she certainly gets the attention of passersby who see the unlikely sight of a dog climbing up and down a ladder.
Davis is quite fond of D and believes she is very smart.
D sometimes may rest on the roof with the workers or she may decide to come down and take a nap on the lawn. She responds to all the workers and they seem to have a great affection for her.
Davis also has a parrot that he has trained. The bird sits on his shoulder and talks to people on the telephone, saying such things as "yes, that's right."
Don't be surprised if you see a dog climbing a ladder or sitting on a roof on Poplar Avenue. You're not seeing things; it's just D.

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