Downtown renovations underway

Published 6:57 pm Monday, September 26, 2005

By By MARY-ALLISON LANCASTER – Managing editor
There's just something about older buildings that tends to make creative minds want to do something with them. Terrence Breckenridge and his partner Rusty Miller are two such individuals who are currently renovating the old Pensacola Mill Supply Co. building on 220 St. Joseph St.
Breckenridge and Miller are owners of Turning Leaf Construction, which is based out of Atmore. The two men spend a lot of their time renovating and building homes, and according to Breckenridge, "he and I kinda' have the same taste and outlook on things. It's easy to work with him."
Driving back and forth to David's Catfish, a restaurant Breckenridge owns, he and Miller said that if one of the vacant buildings in Brewton ever came open for sale, "we'd buy it."
One day, their dream finally came true.
The building, originally built in 1912, was used for Luttrell Hardware. It came complete with a three stories and a one story flat in the back. An awning stretched across the front and after some digging on the side, Breckenridge said they found some bricks in the ground that suggests there was a type of boardwalk on the side, which will be duplicated, he said.
Everything in the building is going to use somehow, and everything salvageable will remain in tact. Breckenridge calls it a "Community project." The original tin ceiling was painted by Billy Smith, Becky Reynolds picked out the color d