1165th sent to Louisiana

Published 7:23 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
The 1165th Military Police Detachment One Unit, based in Brewton, got the call once again to assist in disaster areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.
The unit was put on alert Friday afternoon and by Saturday had received orders to mobilize and deploy to Louisiana to support the state and local authorities. Their duties will be to guard the local citizens from civil unrest and criminal activity.
A few weeks ago a portion of the unit was deployed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and were there only a few days. This time, the entire unit was sent to join the rest of the 1165th in Fairhope, where they will leave for Louisiana.
Sgt. Frank Barnes, who is the company's readiness non-commissioned officer (NCO), said on Saturday, Sept. 24, that the whole unit is being deployed this time because the area has been stressed by additional damage by Hurricane Rita before it could recover from Hurricane Katrina.
The unit left Brewton Saturday around 10 a.m. to link up with the rest of the group in Fairhope. They were to be in Meridian, Miss., by 6 p.m. where they were to set the stage for their operation and get everything ready to move. Either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning they were to move to Fort Beauregard in central Louisiana where they will receive their orders.
This time there are 13 members of the Brewton unit and when they combine with the unit in Fairhope they will number 55 in all. They are able to operate independently, taking what they will need to sustain them while they are there.
The members going from the Brewton duty station are Staff Sgt. Anthony J. Pierce, platoon sergeant; Sgt. Franklin D. Barnes, team leader; Sgt. James H. McCurdy Jr., team leader; Staff Sgt. Jerry L. Dees, squad leader; Sgt. Colt T. Bell, mechanic; Sgt. Christopher W. Davis, team leader; Specialists John C. Peavy, Lance A. McCurdy, and Charles T. Williams; Pfc. Justin A. Clark, Pfc. William A. Tubberville, and Pfc. Tyechia M. Carroll. One member of the unit, Floyd, will stay behind to man the armory, which is located at the Brewton Airport.

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