Forgotten Trails – Jackson's continued

Published 8:52 pm Wednesday, October 12, 2005

By By Lydia Grimes
I am continuing with the material on the Jackson family this week.
Cornelius Jackson was found in the 1830 census for Monroe County, the 1840 census for Pike County and finally to Covington County in 1850. He married Lucretia Scroggins sometime before 1830. They had eight children and had moved to Coffee County by 1860 but returned to Covington County after the Civil War.
Their children were John J. Jackson (1825-1863) who married Mary Stricklin, Duncan J. Jackson (1827-1877) who married Mary Scroggins, Andrew Jackson (1830-1892) who married first about 1848 to Mary Odom and second in 1868 to Melissa Emaline Odom, Mary Jackson (1832-1915) who married Cauley McKee, Martha A. Jackson (18370 who married Rob Morgan, William Jackson (1839), Susan Jackson (1841) who married Isaac Cantaline, and Cornelius J. Jackson (1845-1925) who married Georgeann Hanks.
I will focus on the family of Andrew Jackson who married Mary Odom (or possibly Cartwright) and then Melissa Emaline Odom. This is the ancestor of my husband and also the ancestor of others living here in Escambia County.
Andrew Jackson, along with his brothers, joined the Confederates to fight in the Civil War. According to his pension records, he was a private in Co. I, 6th Alabama Infantry. He enlisted in 1861 in Coffee County and was captured and imprisoned at Point Lookout, Md. He and Mary had Abraham Absolem Jackson (1849), Mary L. Jackson (1851), Mary Melissa Jackson (1852-1926) who married Jefferson Gillispie Worley, Harriett Jackson (1858), Denetty A. Jackson (1858) and Anna Jackson (1867-1944) who married William K. King Jr.
Andrew and Melissa Emaline were the parents of Lonnie Jackson (d. 1955), Louisa Jackson (1869), William Jackson (1869), Barney Jackson (1871), Thomas H. Jackson (1872-1955) who married Emma Maxey, Carolina Victory Jackson (1875-1943), Charles Frank Jackson (1876-1958) who married Velia Mae Barnes, Lee J. Jackson (1877-1948), and Florence Jackson (1885-1959) who married Mac Dunwood Smith.
Mary Melissa Jackson (1852-1926) married Jefferson Gillispie Worley (1850-1924). They were the great grandparents of my husband and are buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Butler County. They had ten children and lived near the small community of Pigeon Creek in Butler County. It is told that he rode a horse to deliver mail from Greenville to Pigeon Creek. Their children were Kinsey Coleman Worley (1875) who married Katie Wright, Jeff E. Worley (1878-1956) who married Emma Elizabeth Brewer (grandparents of my husband), Laura Worley (1879) who married Will Nichols, Lucy Worley (1881), Beeter Preston Worley (1888-1961) who married Annie Lindsey, Eula Worley (1888) who married Oscar Curry, Bosie William Worley (1893-1984) who married Bessie Solomon, Nickie Worley (1896), Bessie Worley (1897 who married Henry Cain and Jodi Worley who married Joseph Andrew Brewer.
Thomas H. Jackson and Emma Maxey also lived in the area of Pigeon Creek and were buried at Ebenezer Cemetery. They were the ancestors of at least one local family in East Brewton. Their children were Albert Jackson, Hillary Asburn Jackson (1892-1954) who married his cousin, Plassedie Barnes, Maggie Jackson (1893), Hubert Lee Jackson (1895), William Oscar Jackson (1896) who married Perry Lee Ballard, Thomas D. Jackson (1898-1982) who married Velma Viola Linzy, James Orsby Jackson (1900) Beulah Jackson (1901) who married Sellers Barnes and then a Mitchell, Rosie D. Jackson (1905) who married J.O. Sharpe, Jessie Jackson (1907), Florence Jackson (1909) who married Jim Sharpe, and Pearl Jackson (1908) who married B.R. Linzy. This last daughter, Pearl, had a daughter, Myrtice Linzy, who married James CodaTindell, and their descendants still live in East Brewton.
You see what a small world it is. There are connections where you least expect. I wanted to show you how important it is to share your information with others. It comes back to you in many ways.
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