City BOE proposes hiring job coach

Published 9:43 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2005

By Staff
Staff reports
The Brewton City Board of Education took action on several items, including the approval of a proposal to hire a job coach who will work with the students enrolled in the public schools in Escambia County and Brewton City schools.
According to the 2006 fiscal year proposal, the job coach will be directly responsible to the director of Career Technical programs for Escambia County BOE, but will respond to the needs stated by Dr. Baxter Baker.
The joint contract is between the Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Escambia County schools. The days, times and costs had not been assessed but would be voted on at the November school board meeting, Superintendent Lynn Smith said.
The job coach's responsibilities would be to work specifically with students enrolled in the Alabama Occupational Diploma to allow secure job placement. The coach would also work with the employer to ensure proper training for the employed student.
In addition to working with students, those with employment needs will be assisted, specifically &#8220those students at-risk of being a non-completer from high school and other disabled students not enrolled in the Alabama Occupational Diploma,” the proposal said.
The 222-day employment contract will earn the coach, who will be an employee of the Escambia County BOE, a salary of $19,489 plus benefits, which allows for a 6 percent pay raise. The FY 2006 budget also includes the purchase of a computer and printer for the coach.
The contract will be split into three parts with the Brewton BOE paying $5,000, Escambia County BOE paying nearly $12,000 and the Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Services paying the bulk at a little more than $18,000.
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