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Published 9:40 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2005

By By Lydia Grimes
Before I begin with anything else, I want to go back to the last two weeks and thank the people who contributed the material on the Jackson family. First of all, Chuck Caldwell of Tuscaloosa was the person who called me about the Jackson family. He referred to several others including Kay King of Clanton, who had done research for his mother. Others were Debbie Procell and Larry Jordan. Once again I thank each and every one of you for your input.
Now, I want to get in some material on the Scroggins family. If you remember, Lucretia Scroggins married Cornelius Jackson.
The parentage of Lucretia is unknown at this time. I have had a look at a book called &#8220Scroggins Kindred” written by George Scroggins that gives some of this information. Lucretia Scroggins Jackson was the sister of John A. Scroggins who died in Pike County about 1845. He married Vicy Cantaline and they were the parents of at least five children, Polly Scroggins (1832-1915) who married Duncan Jackson, son of Cornelius Jackson, Henry Beckley Scroggins (1832-abt. 1890) who married Sarah (maiden name unknown, but may have been Carnley), John Scroggins (1835-Civil War period) who married Matilda (probably Cantaline), Nepia Scroggins (1838-1922) who married Ananias Carnley, and Nancy Scroggins (1840).
Henry Beckley Scroggins and his wife had John W. Scroggins (1852), James Jefferson Scroggins (1853-by 1884) who married Sarah Harrison, Martha Jane Scroggins (1857-1921) who married James Maddox Thomas, Sarah Elizabeth Scroggins (1864-1900) who married Elisha Carroll and Nancy R. Scroggins who married a Henderson.
Martha Jane Scroggins (1857-1921) married James Maddox Thomas (1845-1929).
They settled in Escambia County, Ala,. and are buried in Odom Cemetery. Their children were Jeff &#8220Can” Thomas (1885-1971) who married Sarah &#8220Shug” Kelley, James T. Thomas (1888-1952) who married Creacy Byrd, Luanna Thomas (1883-1933) who married Henry Nelson, Molly Thomas (1871-1922) who married John Harris, Sadie Thomas (1892-1912), Martha Ann Thomas (1900-1914), Frank Austin Thomas (1893-1936) who married Dolly Clark and Albert Ed Thomas (1904-1976) who married Lela Dixon.
Jeff Thomas and Sarah Kelley Thomas are buried in Odom Cemetery. Their children were Ruby Thomas who married James Scroggins, J. W. Thomas who married Louise Hammac, and Clois Thomas (1922-1943) who married Emanuel Nolen. Clois and Emanuel were both buried in Odom Cemetery. Emanuel was in the &#8220stump-blowing” business. On the day of his death, he was sitting in the yard waiting for the truck to pick him up to go to work. He was crimping the blasting caps with his teeth to use with his dynamite. Apparently he was smoking and his Prince Albert cigarette rolled into the box of dynamite and ignited it. The resulting explosion left a small hole in the yard, but blew Emanuel and Clois over the fence, killing them both instantly.
Albert Ed Thomas (1904-1976) and Lela Dixon are buried at Dixonville. Their children were Hubert Albert Thomas (1924) who married Edith Jernigan, Earnest Lavon Thomas (1926) who married Lila Joyce Holt, Carl Franklin Thomas (1934) and Edna Voncille Thomas (1939) who married Howard Andrews.
The other Scroggins family member who lived in Escambia County was Sarah Elizabeth Scroggins (1864-1900) who married Elisha Carrroll. Their children were Charlie Richard Carroll who married Minnie Byrd, Mary Carroll who married John Dixon and then a Kersey, and Jessie Franklin Carroll who married Tiny Graham. Charlie Richard Carroll and Minnie Byrd Carroll were the parents of Euniva Carroll who married first George Brantley and second a Mills, Owen Carroll who married Mildred Dewberry, Grady Carroll and Clyde Carroll who married Lareece Nelson. Now I knew Mrs. Mills and many of you did too. She lived to a ripe old age and was a delight to talk to. When she died she carried a lot of good historical information with her.

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