Make Halloween safe, fun for kids

Published 10:28 pm Wednesday, October 26, 2005

By Staff
It's coming! That spooky night-that one night of the year when the ghosts and goblins are out in force-Halloween.
If you are a parent who worries about Halloween safety, you can quell your fears with a little forethought about the Halloween experience.
The following tips will help you make the Halloween celebration safe and fun for your children.
Because a parent's number one concern is for the safety of their children, these tips from the National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington D.C. will set your mind at ease.
A costume should be a good fit so that a child will not trip on long hems.
Sensible walking shoes are important so that children can be comfortable trick or treating around the neighborhood. A five-year-old in adult's high heel shoes may have fun prancing around the living room, but will be miserable when walking several blocks in them.
Choose costumes that are non-flammable. This information will be printed on the tag with the words &#8220flame resistant.” If a child is wearing a home made costume, be aware of the type of material you choose. Flimsy or billowing material can be flammable, and that's important because children could come in to contact with lighted jack-o-lanterns or other sources of flame.
Place reflector tape on your children's clothes and your own for that matter. You can find the tape at local discount and fabric stores. This will help drivers see you and your children more easily.
If at all possible use non-hypoallergenic makeup on your child's face instead of a mask. Masks tend to fall off and block vision. This also will give children a chance to be creative and come up with their own costume ideas.
Young children always should be accompanied by an adult.
If possible take your children trick-or treating when it is early and still light out.
Only approach houses where the outside light is turned on, a good sign they are expecting children. Parents need to check candy when children get home.
Tampering is rare, but better safe than sorry. Throw out any treats that appear questionable.
Although giving out the treats is almost as much fun as getting them, (if you're an adult!) take into consideration that children will be getting a lot of candy.
You might want to hand out healthier snacks that are lower in fat and sugar. This would include such items as mini mint patties, fruit roll-ups, individual servings of microwave low-fat popcorn and mini boxes of raisins. You also may want to consider items such as pencils, stickers or small toys. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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