Paving underway in East Brewton

Published 2:15 am Wednesday, November 30, 2005

By By MARY-ALLISON LANCASTER – Managing editor
East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark announced Monday evening that he had spoken with a representative from Bullard Excavating and was told the company would be bringing in equipment this week to begin blacktopping more than a dozen roads in East Brewton.
Mayor Clark said that once the equipment is in place, the first street to be blacktopped will be Eby Street and then &#8220they'll move that way.”
Council members approved a retail wine license for Magnolia Superfoods. The local grocery store already had a beer license, which was presented separately by the State.
According to the mayor, a &#8220group of citizens in East Brewton and the Springhill Community” are interested in building a walking track around Fort Crawford Park to walk their horses around. The citizens would be responsible to maintain the upkeep of the park and would bring in bulldozers and other equipment to clean the area around the park for the track. In order to allow this project, the city has to have proof of insurance and must be the name of the insured, Lawton Shipp said Monday evening.
At least four to five proposals have been presented to the City Council to build a 6-foot fence around the Little League Park. The cost of the chain link fence was estimated at $4,400 per 700 feet. According to Councilman Byron Palmer, the park is having a problem with people driving their vehicles on the grass up to the concession stands. The chain link fence would deter this.
A Plat map detailing what areas would be annexed into the city of East Brewton was presented at the meeting Monday evening. The next step, Mayor Clark said, is to contact Rep. Skippy White (D-Pollard) to see what other details need to be presented at the Legislative meeting.
According to Mayor Clark, people complying with the annexation already receive city services. Council members approved the authorization to seek advice from White. The city of East Brewton is looking to annex the left hand side of Highway 41 and Riverview. The other side of Riverview has already been annexed into the city.
By annexing that portion into the city, more revenue would be brought into the city and &#8220it would square the city off,” Mayor Clark said in a previous statement.
Mayor Clark commended the East Brewton Police Department for an excellent job. Police Chief B.C. Cooper was not present at the meeting. Mayor Clark said that so far, the least amount of tickets the police department has handed out each week has been at least 16-18 tickets. For the week of Nov. 14 through Nov. 27, the police department brought in a total of 24 tickets.