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Published 2:50 am Sunday, December 4, 2005

By Staff
While high school football and basketball coaches across Alabama now know what class and what region/area they will be competing in for the next two years, volleyball coaches remain on the outside looking in.
While both T.R. Miller coach Sharon Peacock and W.S. Neal coach Chuck Riddle know both of their squads will be moving up to Class 4A next year, the lack of an announcement for their respective teams area alignment disturbs them a little more each day.
The lack of an announcement might be easier for Peacock and Riddle to understand if the Alabama High School Athletic Association had not already announced the basketball area alignments.
Besides just curiosity, scheduling is the number one reason why Peacock and Riddle want their areas announced.
Riddle, who also coaches W.S. Neal Middle School girls basketball and W.S. Neal High School junior varsity baseball, has only a brief window of idle time before his next athletic team's season starts.
Both Peacock and Riddle agree they have a good idea how the new volleyball area alignment will go.
Both T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal need only a slight adjustment of its current schedule to play those suggested Area field possibilities.
The only school from those
suggested Area possibilities (Thomasville, Monroe County, Escambia County, Andalusia and Opp) T.R. Miller did not play this past season was Opp.
Out of the teams in that mix, W.S. Neal did not play Thomasville and Andalusia this past season.

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