100 flu shots are available here today

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2005

By By ADAM PRESTRIDGE – For The Standard
Most children are afraid of shots.
As they grow to be adults, they're fears are no longer of the needle, but the thoughts of not getting shot. At least that's the case with flu shots.
The Escambia County Health Department, which has offices in Brewton and Atmore, began administering dose-after-dose of influenza vaccine the second week of October. Quickly the vaccine supply was depleted and those local residents who didn't receive their shot feared for the worst.
Fortunately, the Alabama Department of Public Health received 20,000 additional doses of the influenza vaccine early this week from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which will be administered at county health departments across the state. Escambia County is no exception.
According to Escambia County Health Department nursing supervisor Vonda Buckhault, each office received 100 additional doses of the flu vaccine. Buckhault said people wanting flu shots have contacted both offices.
A limited number of private physicians in Alabama also received additional doses of influenza vaccine from distributors in late November, but a list was not provided.
According to Escambia County immunization director Dan St. Onge, Alabama first received approximately 150,000 doses of influenza vaccine. Several residents of Atmore benefited from the first distribution.
With the additional 20,000 doses, the state has received about 170,000 of the flu vaccine. St. Onge is unsure if the state will receive any more.
St. Onge believes last year's vaccine shortage has caused for a higher demand of influenza vaccine this year, but he doesn't foresee a shortage.
St. Onge also said he is unaware of any outbreak of the flu this season.
The Escambia County Health Department's Brewton office will administer flu shots from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. today, Wednesday, Dec. 7. No appointment is necessary; walk-ins are welcome.

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