Text messaging a lifesaver

Published 4:02 am Monday, December 19, 2005

By Staff
About two years ago a friend of mine got me addicted to text messaging by using my cell phone. I was slow at first but now I have no problem typing out my cryptic messages.
My best friend and I were out one weekend a couple of weeks ago and we got on the subject of text messaging and why it comes in handy at such critical points in your life.
And then I got on the same subject with a different set of friends. This is what we came up with on why text messaging is so wonderful.
Text messaging is great when you don't want to have a lengthy conversation.
For example, my best friend wanted to wish her friend a Happy Thanksgiving. She knew that if she called her the conversation would turn into what she did over the holiday. All she wanted was to relay a simple message. The point came across and no headache followed.
Text messaging is great when you're in a meeting or class and would rather be doing something else.
For example, my friend teaches younger children. While they were taking a test she wanted to make plans for the evening and thought of a great way to spend her evening.
She text messaged her her idea to some friends, and voila, plans were made without hesitation.
Text messaging is great when you are trying to ignore someone or simply don't want to respond immediately. Some friends of mine like to use this technique.
Question: Why didn't you respond to my text message?
Answer: I never got the text. Something crazy must be going on with my phone.
See, cell phones are funny little bits of technology. You can always blame your lack of response to having a low battery, bad weather or simply not having the phone with you.
That's not any different than ignoring a phone call, and saying you were not at home, now is it?
My parents were asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I kept drawing a blank. A last minute thought came to mind. Along with my list (if you could call three items on a sheet of paper a list) I told them that I wanted more text messaging options. What a great idea.
So if you're scrambling to find a little something extra as a gift for Christmas, you should look into setting up a family member with text messaging or extend the message
Mary-Allison Lancaster is the Managing editor of the Brewton Standard. She can be reached by e-mail at mlancaster@brewtonstandard.com

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