Rudolph: It's OK to be different

Published 4:13 am Wednesday, December 21, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
Christmas is just around the corner. Lights are glowing all over town and television specials are telling the stories that have come down through the years about Santa Claus, snowmen, Charlie Brown and many other favorites.
There is one story that has been around for many years that comes out every year about this time. Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, has endeared himself to children everyone and it seems appropriate that his story would make a very interesting profile, not to mention the fact it might make you smile.
Most everyone knows the story of Rudolph, but maybe you have never had it first hand from him as to what really happened that brought his name into such prominence.
Rudolph was born at the North Pole, the son of Donner and Mrs. Donner. He was very much like other young reindeer, but there was one difference. He was born with a bright red, shiny nose. No one knows why his nose was so red, but he was very embarrassed because he was so different from the other reindeer.
Although he was a bit bashful, Rudolph was young and he wanted to play with the other reindeer. It hurt his feelings so very much when they teased him about his red shiny nose.
Rudolph did have one thing going for him. Santa Claus liked him and was in charge of the reindeer herd. He kept them fed all year long with magic corn so they could help him at Christmas to deliver toys to the good little boys and girls. In order to get everything done in one night, Santa used the reindeer to guide his sleigh through the night. You see, the magic corn that the reindeer eat throughout the year enable them to get around a little bit different than most deer. With a little bit of extra magic dust on their feet, they are able to fly.
Rudolph learned how to fly when he was very young, but he had no hopes of going with Santa on his delivery. Santa already had selected the reindeer to lead the sleigh. He used eight of his best reindeer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
Santa thought about it and tried to figure out an answer to the problem. The toys were already loaded on the sleigh and the eight reindeer were itching to get under way, when Santa had a very good idea.
He went to Rudolph's home and explained the problem.
Rudolph was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say. But, he knew if Santa had faith in him, he could do the job. Santa hitched him up to the head of the sleigh and Rudolph threw his head bac, shining his nose as brightly as possible.
Santa Claus had no trouble finding his way that night. Rudolph proudly led them through the fog, making every little child happy on Christmas morning. It all just goes to prove, it's OK to be different. Sometimes what you think is your worst liability turns out to be your best asset.

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