Godwin adjourns from law school for vacation

Published 4:43 am Monday, December 26, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
As the daylight fades away and the dark of the winter night begins to take over, something magical happens on Victory and Elrod Streets in East Brewton. Suddenly the darkness is wiped away with the flick of a few switches and the two streets dazzle with Christmas lights in all sorts of configurations.
A few families have banded together to make the area into a wonderland for those who drive by every night. Cars begin to drive by as soon as it gets dark enough for the lights to show, and without exception, the visitors slow down as they drive down the street. Children are especially delighted to see all the lights and that is just what makes the residents want to decorate.
Ellen Godwin and her husband, Clyde, were probably the first ones to go all-out on the decorations, although they don't remember just how long it has been.
Through the years other neighbors joined in the fun and now there are five families who participate.
Pete and Elizabeth Davenport, the Godwins, Robbie and Brenda Smith, John and Sandy Wilson and Billy and Dorothy Portwood begin decorating in early-November to get everything set up by Thanksgiving.
The Portwoods have been decorating about eight years.
Brenda Smith, who is the daughter of the Davenports, also likes to decorate for Christmas.
So, if you are looking for a place that will make you smile, go down Shoffner Street, turn right on Elrod Street and then left on Victory Street. You can't miss the display and those who put them up hope you will enjoy.
(Photos by Lydia Grimes)

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