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Published 4:37 am Monday, December 26, 2005

By Staff
When is comes to snacking, sure you know that an apple is healthier than a candy bar, and that rice cakes have fewer calories than chocolate cake, but other selections can be more difficult – especially when you don't have time to scour nutrition labels.  
Some seemingly lightweight snacks can be surprisingly high in calories.  For example, 22 Better cheddar crackers contain 70 calories, while the same amount of Cheez-It crackers is nearly double that, at 130 calories.  Who knew?  
So here is some detective work done for you.  After you take this quiz, you'll be sure to make the best snack decisions in any situation, whether at the movies or your cousin's wedding.
1. What's the smart vending machine choice?
a. a granola bar
b. a peanut-butter cracker sandwiches snack pack
c. a king-size York Peppermint Pattie
2. Which chocolate treat has the most calories?
a. a frozen mocha drink
b. a candy bar
c. a slice of chocolate cake
3. Which movie theater
snack will set you back thefewest calories?
a. a large popcorn
b. a jumbo hot dog
c. a bag of Twizzlers
4. You're at a backyard
barbeque.  Which alcoholic beverage has the fewest calories?
a. a margarita
b. a glass of sangria
c. a beer
5. Which of these desserts
is the least sinful?
a. a slice of pound cake
b. slice of carrot cake
c. two Oreo cookies
6. You're in the car with the kids - again.  Which kids' snack is the least fattening?
a. a small box of animal
b. box of raisins
c. six pretzel rods
7. Which of these snacks is the best choice at a football game?
a. an ice-cream sandwich
b. a box of cracker jacks
c. a cone of cotton candy
8. Approximately how many of your favorite potato chips equal one serving?
a. five
b. 5
c. 30
3. b
4. c
5. c
8. b
Did any of these answers surprise you? A king-size peppermint pattie has only 160 calories and just three grams of fat. Beware frappuccino, coolatta and their cousins, a Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappuccino has more than 380 calories and six grams of fat.  
While not the healthiest snack, a hot dog actually isn't junk food.  It has only 250 calories and it's a good source of protein.  
When you're craving sweets, two Oreo cookies are a smart choice, they'll set you back 106 calories, a far cry from pound cake's 353 calories and carrot cake's 545 calories!  
My biggest surprise, was the cotton candy, at just 78 calories for a small (20 ounce) cone, cotton candy is not a bad choice.  
And lastly check portion size, generic potato chips has about 12 to 15 chips as one serving with 150 calories and 10 grams of fat.  Be smart, be knowledgeable and snack your way to a thinner you!
Janet Peterman is a personal trainer at the Brewton YMCA. She can be reached at 867-9622 (YMCA).

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