Suspect loses pot in grocery

Published 5:05 am Wednesday, December 28, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES – Features writer
East Brewton police are searching for a suspect who dropped a bag of marijuana on the floor near the checkout line at Magnolia Super Foods over the holiday weekend.
According to manager Michael Scott, a customer who was standing at the checkout counter reached down and picked up a bag and asked the cashier, &#8220When did you start selling this?”
In the customer's hand was a Zip-loc bag that contained what appeared to be marijuana.
Scott contacted local authorities to report the unusual find. East Brewton Police Chief B.C. Copper responded to the report on Saturday, Dec. 24. It appeared someone had accidentally dropped the bag at the checkout stand.
Scott said that Magnolia Super Foods is fortunate that it has had a good surveillance system that was installed within the last few months. The tape from the system was turned over to the East Brewton Police and is currently under review.
According to Scott, the tape is quite clear and said it shouldn't be too difficult to identify the person who dropped the bag of marijuana.
According to a statement made by Chief Cooper Tuesday afternoon, the East Brewton Police Department is currently reviewing the surveillance tape and no arrests have been made.
Anyone with information is advised to contact the East Brewton Police Department at 867-4864.