Tips given for holiday ‘mini meals'

Published 5:04 am Wednesday, December 28, 2005

By Staff
2005 brought you some of the best health information of all time. First the Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out early in the year and then in the spring we saw MyPyramid – a personalized version of the government's Food Guide Pyramid system. Now is an important time to take heed of their advice so you will eat better and be more physically active for better health.
Here you will find 24 top resolutions for 2006. You can use two every month to make a big difference in your health. For more information, visit and learn how you can eat better and exercise more!
1. Exercise 30 minutes or more most days of the week. Find ways to stay motivated with physical activity and keep it enjoyable.
2. Be more active around the house. Cleaning, cooking and gardening all burn twice the calories as sitting.
3. Sit less. Instead of watching TV, clean the house and run errands. Instead of watching the kids play sports, walk for half of their playing time. Instead of sitting for lunch, walk the mall or a park.
4. Cook more and eat out less.
5. Find eating out choices that are lower in calories and fat. Where can you get more low-fat items like: soups, salad, beans and rice, fish, pasta, etc?
6. Learn to cook and eat with less fat.
7. Get 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day.
8. Eat beans at least three times per week.
9. Eat fish twice per week.
10. Switch to low-fat or non-fat dairy products.
11. Reduce the amount of cheese that you eat. Cheese is the number one source of saturated fat in most American's diets.
12. Become aware of the calories you are eating – especially in treats and snacks.
13. For everything you eat, find a way to make the portion a little smaller or to choose a more low-cal option.
14. Include strength training in your schedule a couple of times a week. This could mean lifting weights at the gym, taking a class, working with resistance bands or Pilates.
15. Switch from refined grains to whole grains.
16. Eat a healthy breakfast every day.
17. Reduce the amount of sugary items that you eat. You will crave sweets less if you eat them less.
18. Drink more water instead of soda and other sugary drinks.
19. Take healthful snacks with you to keep you from making poor spontaneous choices when you are hungry.
20. Get more sleep.
21. Wash your hands more frequently.
22. Control the amount of alcoholic beverages you consume. Learn to drink one or two and then switch to something else that is non-alcoholic.
23. Concentrate on eating more high-fiber, low-cal foods instead of refined foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients.
24. Plan active vacations and week-ends for you and your family or loved ones.

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