Letter to the Editor

Published 6:04 am Monday, January 9, 2006

By Staff
Dear Editor:
I am an Escambia County native who often travels home to visit relatives. On the occasions that I drive down South Boulevard, I always notice the Humane Society building with pride.
As a native and an animal lover, I have to express my gratitude to the residents of Brewton, East Brewton and Flomaton for the support of this organization.
Ordinarily, I just pass on by. But, I recently stopped to pay a visit and was even more wowed by what I found on the inside – a dedicated staff and a superb facility.  
My visit was prompted by a desire to see how a shelter that size was organized. Our own small shelter in Chickasaw (just north of Mobile) was severely damaged from Hurricane Katrina and I hoped to get a little inspiration from the building design.  At most, I hoped an employee would give me a brief tour.  
That day, I got so much more. I met director Renee Jones who introduced me to the staff, provided a tour and some much-needed encouragement and advice that I could take back home.  
Renee told me of the excellent support from the citizens, the Neal Trust, municipal leaders and law enforcement. Again, thank you.   
You can tell a great deal about a community by how it cares for the least of its members including &#8220all creatures great and small.”  
Thank you,
Shannon Walker
Chickasaw, Ala.

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