Cook's Corner

Published 6:43 am Monday, January 16, 2006

By Staff
I hope that your New Year has started off well. If you made resolutions, I hope you have not already &#8220messed up”.. Even if you have, you can always start again. That's the great thing about resolutions and diets - you can always start again.
My resolutions this year have a lot to do with person growth (or un-growth). I plan to take better care of myself and my family by preparing more healthy meals. I'm hoping that, along with a little exercise, will help to create a slimmer version of the Tindell's. We'll see. In another area of personal growth, I intend to contemplate purchases a little more. No more throwing something in the buggy to purchase and wondering what I spent so much money on when I get home.
I kinda learned that during the Christmas shopping season this year. Here's my example: I spotted one of those wonderful counter-top roasters at a local retailer before Christmas. It was the one that came with a buffet insert that allowed you to prepare and serve three different items from the same cooker. What a wonderful item, I thought. Then I thought some more. Where would I put the thing when I wasn't using it? My pantry and cabinets are already full of unused blenders, mechanically operated cheese graters, griddles and three crock-pots. And what in the world could I cook in this thing that my stove and oven wouldn't already do? Answer: nothing. So guess what? I didn't even ask Santa for the roaster. Sure was nice though.
I found that even the thought of purchasing new undergarments requires a little extra thought before laying down the cash. I mean, really, how many pair of lacy

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