Letter to the Editor: Think before speaking

Published 6:54 am Monday, January 16, 2006

By Staff
The Alabama Supreme court in 2001 examined the child custody case of a Dawn Huber, the mother of three children living with their father, who had asked her to regain custody of them. An earlier appeals court had ruled in her favor, citing the father "had a history of calling the mother vulgar names in front of the children and of hitting the children." But the Supreme Court condemned the appeals court's ruling. This was spearheaded by then Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, who cited that because Mrs. Huber was a lesbian, she was an unfit parent, and that homosexualtiy was an evil and vile practice not befitting a parent in his opinion. This is the same Roy Moore who is running for Governorship of our great state of Alabama. Is this the Christian way? To give children to an abusive father rather than a lesbian mother? At the least he could have given them to a relative in the region.
I recently read a dialogue by Moore, in which he wants to take the 'special interests' and lobbyists out of the capitol. What appears to me is that he himself is a special interest; doesn't he push for his 'Christian' values, and use his office to push those on other people? What most do not realize is that Special interests and Lobbyists are an intergal, and not detrimental, part of our government. How many of us are members of the AARP? or what about the NRA? Even the Southern Baptists Association, American Family Association, and many others?
All of these are lobbyist groups that, with your membership, participation, and dues, push issues that many people care about through the Legislature. I think Roy Moore needs to take a time out and think about what he says before he says it.
Alexander E. Vaughn
Troy, AL 36081

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