Shed unwanted holiday pounds; patience counts

Published 6:44 am Monday, January 16, 2006

By Staff
Hi guys, happy 2006!
Several people have told me that my &#8220quizzes” are really useful.  Since January is a time when most of us are on sugar detox and trying to shed those unwanted holiday pounds, it is just a matter of what to eat.  
I visited my best friend in North Carolina last week who has struggled with her weight for her entire life. She confided in me that the only diet that really has worked for her was the one that doled out her food each day.
Every Monday she went and picked up a cooler filled with all the meals/snacks that she could eat for the week.
She told me that she cooked regular meals for them, but for herself, she ate her &#8220diet” food.  
So what's wrong with this picture, you ask?  Unless you plan on eating &#8220their food” for the rest of your life, you will not be able to maintain your weight loss.  Most of us do live in the real world and have to make real choices each day when it comes to eating.  
Are you food savvy?  Are you able to make the best choices for yourself?  
Take this quiz and see if you can make the best choices for you.
1. Put these foods in order of highest to least calories:

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