Coon Hill was once thriving

Published 7:06 am Wednesday, January 18, 2006

By Staff
I love feedback and I got a very nice letter this week about last week's column.
James Sellers wrote:
It pleases me very much to know that you readers are out there and even more to hear from you.
I want to continue with the McDavid material this week.
Margaret A. McDavid (13 April 1833-6 Aug. 1924), daughter of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married about 1853, Wiley James Williams (14 Dec. 1829-19 April 1920), son of William Williams and Margaret McMillan. They are both buried at Coon Hill Cemetery in Santa Rosa County, Fla. Ttheir children were Sallie A. Williams (1855-27 May 1910); W. Rabb Williams (4 March 1856) who married Maggie Smith; Minerva Williams who married Walter Byrne; Mary Williams; David Terrell Williams (19 March 1865-7 March 1937) who married Willy Mae Pou; Sabra Idell Williams (2 Sept. 1868-16 Dec. 1946) who married Alex McLeod; Daniel Williams (11 Dec. 1870-24 Nov. 1873); and Wiley James Williams (15 June 1876) who married Mary C. Ellis.
James Exum McDavid (10 Feb. 1835-4 Aug. 1907), son of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married first Margaret Cameron and second, on 15 Aug. 1869, Mary Ann Cameron (14 Nov. 1836-26 Feb. 1880). The two Camerons were probably sisters. He and Margaret Cameron had Richmond Terrell McDavid (24 Dec. 1859) who married Ella Virginia Holly; and John Cameron McDavid (13 Jan. 1861-27 Jan. 1903), who married Maggie Bell Williams. James Exum McDavid and Mary Ann Cameron had Margaret McDavid (15 Aug. 1873-16 Dec. 1939) who married Ernest Campbell; Sallie McDavid (19 Sept. 1876) who married Joseph Allen McCaskill; Kate McDavid (16 Sept. 1879) who married Charlie A. Etheridge; and James Exum McDavid Jr. (16 Sept. 1879-29 May 1880).
John Allen McDavid (31 July 1839-25 July 1905), son of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married, on 6 Jan. 1869, to Georgia Anna Davis (18 Jan. 1845-3 Dec. 1893). They had Leo McDavid; Ola McDavid (1 Aug. 1872) who married William Rutledge Flowers; Ila McDavid (18 June 1882) who married John Jefferson Flowers; and Ira McDavid.
David A. McDavid (9 April 1842-22 May 1910), son of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married, about 1874, Sallie McArthur (18 Nov. 1849-28 Sept. 1925). They had Lloyd A. McDavid (4 March 1875); Arthur M. McDavid (18 Dec. 1876-7 Oct. 1947); and David A. McDavid (16 Dec. 1881) who married Josephine Morris.
Henry Clay McDavid (22 April 1845-16 Feb. 1933), son of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married Annie Davis (5 Sept. 1842-12 July 1918). He lived to be 87 years old and had a clear mind as long as he lived. He liked to talk about family and it is through him that much of the information about the McDavid family is known. He and his wife had Oma J. McDavid who died at age 11, and Clyde McDavid (29 March 1878-9 Aug. 1921).
Many of these were buried at Coon Hill Cemetery in Santa Rosa County.
I will continue with the McDavid family next week. You can reach me at, P.O. Box 887, Brewton, 36427 or 251-867-4876 ext. 113.

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