January booming month to become physically fit

Published 7:27 am Monday, January 23, 2006

By Staff
I love January.  January is the time of year that my business booms.  It usually takes two weeks from the time resolutions are made on Jan. 1 to start seeing those new members in my aerobic classes.  
The new members are always positioned along the back wall trying to blend in with everyone else.  They have layers of clothing on to hide their &#8220after the holidays” body.  
One morning I had a new participant in an artic sweatshirt with what looked like thermal sweat pants.
I applaud her for just finishing the class without passing out due to heat exhaustion!   
I challenge each and everyone one of you reading this while drinking your first cup of coffee Sunday morning to do some type of exercise this week, after all, it is still January.  
All of the fitness class instructors are fabulous leaders and ready to welcome you with open arms.  
Our class schedule includes something for everyone including, &#8220wise and well” – taught solely in chairs – &#8220step”, &#8220fit and firm” or boot camp versions of &#8220below the belt” and &#8220upper cuts”.  
Whatever your passion, check out the YMCA classes today.  I will answer a few questions that are consistently asked to better prepare you for your new and improved fitness regime.
Why am I so sore after my first class?
There are two types of pain resulting from overexertion.
One is pain during or immediately after exercise, which is probably due to the waste products formed during exercise being left in the fluids that surround the cell.  The other is localized – delayed soreness that appears in 24 to 48 hours.
The second type is chronic and usually serves as a deterrent to further exercise.  Whether it is due to small muscle tears of small localized contractures of muscle is not known.  
Temporary soreness is a common phenomenon when doing a new exercise or increasing intensity and should not be a deterrent to continued participation. In fact, I will always let you whine in my class – just ask Emmie Jernigan!
Can muscle soreness be prevented?
If you don't go out there the first time and try to kill yourself. With a proper warm-up, gradually increase your workload during exercise.  
Try to stay within the tolerance level and use a slow progression in increasing your exercise from workout to workout.  
Don't overdo a given exercise (even when your favorite song starts to play) and gradually decrease exercise intensity at the end of the workout.  
DO NOT bounce/stretch at the end of your workout.  This type of ballistic stretching forces the joints to limits of their range of motion.  Static stretching is much more effective in providing both prevention and relief of muscle soreness.
Okay, are you ready to take a group exercise class?  
I forgot to mention that we also offer water aerobics.  Exercising in the water is proven to be the least joint invasive and can provide a wonderful cardio as well as resistance training class.
Group exercise classes have all the right ingredients for success:  they're innovative, fun and have awesome leaders to guide you safely into the best you can be.
Look for a new senior yoga class on Thursday mornings and an evening yoga class on Wednesday's beginning in February.  
So what are you &#8220weighting” for?  It is still January you know!!!  If you have any questions about our classes or personal training, please call me at 363-5658. I'd love to hear from you.
Janet Peterman is a personal trainer at the Brewton YMCA. She can be reached at 867-9622 (YMCA).

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