Black bear teaches excellent lesson

Published 8:03 am Wednesday, January 25, 2006

By Staff
A group of Escambia County school children have had to wait a year, but they saw their efforts to get the black bear designated the state mammal begin to pay off when Sen. Pat Lindsey (D-Butler) got the bill through the state Senate last week.
The students proposed the legislation last year, presenting a petition to Lindsey and Rep. Skippy White (D-Pollard) asking for the designation. The bill didn't make much headway last year, but appears to now be out of hibernation.
It still must pass the House and get the governor's signature before becoming official. But it's a sure bet that the students involved in the prooject understand the civics lesson of &#8220how a bill becomes a law” better than most adults.
That's a great lesson to learn early.

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