Coon Hill was once thriving

Published 8:15 am Monday, January 30, 2006

By Staff
This week I will conclude the information on the McDavid family (at least I think I will). I have one more source to go to before I quit and, if I find anything more, I will continue for another week.
I am still with the children of Richmond Terrell McDavid and Sarah McCaskill.
Daniel F. McDavid (26 April 1848-26 Feb. 1909) married 31 Dec. 1872, Addie Davis (24 Nov. 1851-21 May 1923. They are buried at Coon Hill Cemetery and they had Ula McDavid (8 May 1876-4 Aug. 1907) who married Riley Stanton; Roland L. McDavid who married Eva Suggs; and Byron McDavid (1888-1922) who married Florence Fillingim.
Mary Elizabeth McDavid (26 April 1848-14 March 1880), daughter of Richmond Terrell McDavid, married on 12 Dec. 1867 to Allen Marion McMillan (28 March 1843-31 May 1896), son of Malcolm McMillan and Mary McCaskill. They are buried at Coon Hill Cemetery and they had Dr. Daniel Walter McMillan (13 Jan. 1869-4 Aug. 1936) who married in 1929, Florence Rose. D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital is named for him and he is buried in Birmingham in Jefferson County.
Other children of Mary Elizabeth McDavid and Allen Marion McMillan were Francie Marion McMillan (4 Sept. 1871-9 Aug. 1909); Sarah Adah McMillan (12 July 1874-9 Aug. 1916) who married John S. McMullen; Mary McMillan (23 Sept. 1876-14 Jan. 1946) who married on 19 April 1899, Dr. Felix I. Tarrant (6 Feb. 1863-13 Dec. 1943); and James McMillan (31 Dec. 1879-25 May 1880).
I was thinking when I started this that another James McMillan was the one mentioned above, but I realized that was not the case. I found a good write-up about one James McMillan, the son of Malcolm McMillan and Mary Jane McCaskill.
Most of us know the story of Edward Sylvester McMillan who was gunned down by Railroad Bill in 1806. He was the sheriff of Escambia County, Ala., at the time of his death, but there was another Sheriff McMillan who served Escambia County, Fla.
This is part of what is found in the Escambia County Archives Biographies. Additional Comments: &#8220Memorial Record of Alabama”, Vol. I, p. 984-986; Brant &Fuller (1893) Madison, Wis.

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