Looking Back… 25 years

Published 1:35 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2006

By Staff
March 19, 1981
State Rep. Jimmy Warren of Castleberry said this week he will oppose two proposed legislative bills that would place Escambia County's probate judge, tax assessor and tax collector on annual salaries &#8220unless the bills are approved by the county commission.”
Non-denominated &#8220B” postage stamps and related items of postal stationary are being issued to correspond with new rates that go into effect Sunday, March 22, according to Brewton postmaster Wayne Brown.
Brewton bankers Elaine Catoe, Marilyn Ogletree and Diane Ward are among those registered for the 29th Annual Convention of the Alabama Group of the National Association of Bank Women.
Brewton Kiwanis Club members are planning a rummage sale in the K-Mart shopping center parking lot, with proceeds going to community projects.

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